Tuesday, April 06, 2010

A workshop of Jean-Michele and Suzanne's new show is happening here in Atlanta today--this is a real opportunity to catch this provocative and fascinating story at its early stages. Here are all the details:



Created and Performed by Suzanne Morrison
Directed by Jean-Michele Gregory

Ted Bundy, the murderer of young women and girls, the man for whom the term serial killer was coined, has always fascinated Suzanne Morrison. It wasn’t just that he was a famously charismatic, attractive, violent sociopath; it was because he was a close friend of her parents. The question of how close they were drives Morrison to uncover the true nature of her father’s friendship with the serial killer, and in the process reveals how deep family secrets can run, and how hard it is to truly know even those closest to us.

Suzanne Morrison’s first memoir will be published in 2011 by Broadway Books. Titled Yoga Bitch, it is adapted and expanded from her solo show of the same name which has been performed in New York, London, across the country, and around the world. Optimism is her second theatrical collaboration with Jean-Michele Gregory.

Jean-Michele Gregory focuses on unscripted, extemporaneous works. Her shows ranked among the best plays of 2009 in New York Magazine, TheaterMania and Time Out New York.

In the Alliance Theatre Black Box, on the 3rd floor
Tuesday, April 6th at 4pm
Running time approximately 75 minutes
Free to the public

10:01 AM