Friday, April 23, 2010

MacNN | Jobs consoles partner of cancer victim via e-mail:

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has written an increasingly common personal response to an e-mail message from the public, this time one thanking him for wielding political influence in California. Following recovery from a liver transplant, Jobs used his clout to help push for a change to California law -- still pending -- which would ask everyone renewing a driver's license whether they want to be an organ donor. Jobs resorted to his wealth to secure an out-of-state operation, whereas many Californians have died waiting for donors.

The person writing to Jobs, identified simply as a Cupertino man named "James," remarks that a girlfriend of his died two years ago when melanoma spread to her liver. James applauds the executive, calling him a "hometown hero." In response Jobs is said to have sent a brief, one-line e-mail from his iPad.

"Your [sic] most welcome, James," the message reads. "I'm sorry about your girlfriend. Life is fragile."

7:20 PM