Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mike Daisey Hosts THE GREAT AND SECRET SHOW at The Greene Space 2010/02/24:

For the first time ever in its 114-year history, THE GREAT AND SECRET SHOW will be made available to the masses when Mr. Daisey brings the show to a live studio audience at WNYC's The Greene Space.

This unprecedented opportunity to witness the live production of the heretofore clandestine radio programme will take place on March 12th, April 16th, and May 12th at 7pm. Audiences at home may also partake in this historic moment through a live webcast of the programme at

Launched in 1896 at the dawn of radio and still transmitted via Tesla Oscillator today, the programme was designed exclusively for Masons of the 3rd Order and higher. Long assumed to be the stuff of conspiracy theories, THE GREAT AND SECRET SHOW is in fact the world's longest continuously broadcasting radio programme. Though only heard by a small number of individuals throughout history, those Secret Masters have been the movers and shakers who have shaped the world as it is today.

THE GREAT AND SECRET SHOW features a blend of Mr. Daisey's masterful and poignant storytelling with news and interviews with the newsmaking people of our day: bold adventurers, scientists (mad and otherwise), wayward princesses, dashing rogues, and other colorful figures of Our Society. The show covers the latest discoveries in cryptozoology, telluric currents, and advances in both steam and electrical technologies, presenting them in a manner both accessible and informative. Expect trenchant analysis, penetrating wit, and social critique both acid-tongued and whip-smart. Now, at long last, the programme beloved by the Secret Masters will be shared with the world.

When reached for comment, Mr. Daisy said, "From the depths of its black and unknown tunnels to the blinding heights of its terrible skyscrapers, New York City is the best, last bastion of civilization's hopes and terrors. Sending my voice into its ether, night after night, in this impossible metropolis is both an honor and a privilege."

Long-time listener FRANKLIN DELANO ROOSEVELT said of the programme, "THE GREAT AND SECRET SHOW is the most essential and clear-throated voice for liberty and civilization that can be heard in these dark times."

The Jerome L. Greene Performance Space is located at 44 Charlton Street (at Varick St.), New York.

Tickets are $25 per programme, available at

3:42 PM