Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Our thanks to everyone who came out for the first MYSTERIES OF THE UNEXPLAINED in early May. The topic was FACEBOOK—that phenomenon was addressed, as was Maureen Dowd, the death of print media, the movie Young Guns, the evolution of douchebags, and all points between.

Because we sold out quickly many of you didn't get to see the show, so follow the link below to listen to a recording of the evening here:

Mysteries of the Unexplained: FACEBOOK!

Thanks to all of you who submitted new topics for future
MYSTERIES OF THE UNEXPLAINED. Some of our favorite submissions included:

Whole Foods

Crop Circles

Bed Bugs or the MTA--both are creepy

Attachment Parenting

Attention Deficit Disorder (Note: show must be in 3 acts of only 12 minutes each)

Ayn Rand


What Do Women Want? Really, Seriously! I mean it!!!

But the winning submission was provided by Rishi Chatrath, who will receive free tickets to see his suggestion brought to life onstage on June 8th:


Mike Daisey Presents
June 8th at 9:30pm
Joe's Pub at the Public Theater

We return to Joe’s Pub with a one-night orgy of all things bacon: from sizzling fat to swine flu, from baco-bits to Hasids to Charlotte’s Web. In one delicious hour we’ll explore bacon in all its filthy, gorgeous deliciousness.

*** Note: Bacon will be cooked and served by the performer during the performance. ***

Tickets are limited and will go quickly, so to avoid a terrifying bacon-less future order at the following

Be seeing you,


PS: This is not a joke. There really will be bacon for all who attend.


3:39 PM