Sunday, April 12, 2009

Pulitzer Prize frontrunner: Ruined | Upstaged | Time Out New York:

Ruined is the best of the lot by miles, and yet the most it can hope for is an Obie Award or a nod from the New York Drama Critics Circle. It would seem that MTC is content to program its second-best stuff in its biggest space, possibly because it thinks the subscribers would rather see inoffensive mediocrity than a timely play with teeth.

Of course, we shouldn’t cry too much for Ruined. It will probably get the Pulitzer and is bound to be produced in regional spaces across the country, maybe it will make it to the National Theatre in London. Nevertheless, MTC really dropped the ball with this one. Nottage, director Kate Whoriskey and their astonishing cast deserve better. The production has extended a fourth (yes FOURTH) time, now through May 10.

10:16 PM