Saturday, November 08, 2008

No news at Obama's first press conference but a little sparkle:

But then the president-elect showed up, and he was smiling. He nodded approvingly to a few members of the press. Obama was grave during his opening statement about the dismal economic situation, but during the interaction with reporters, he let a few jokes flash through. When asked which presidents he'd consulted since winning, Obama said he'd talked to the living ones. He immediately realized the unnecessary distinction but said he "didn't want to get into any Nancy Reagan thing with the séances." When asked about the puppy he'd promised his daughters, he said the decision was complex. "With respect to the dog, there are two issues that have to be reconciled," he said, almost mocking his penchant for nuanced answers. The dog had to be hypoallergenic and therefore specially bred, but the family also wanted to get a shelter dog, and "a lot of shelter dogs are mutts like me."

Maybe Barack Obama enjoyed winning the presidency after all. As he approached Election Day, Obama had grown more constricted. Perhaps, despite the challenges that face him, he's bouncing back into his earlier, looser shape.

1:17 AM