Monday, November 24, 2008

Jobs: It’s MY house… - MAC.BLORGE:

This is the latest slap in the face for Jobs over the property. He lost a series of legal proceedings that ultimately barred him from tearing down the 17,250-square-foot mansion, a residence he occupied for nearly 10 years and rented to others for a shorter time. The home—Jackling House (Wikipedia)—was originally built and ultimately named for copper magnate Daniel C Jackling in 1925 on six acres.

The home has been vacant since 2000 and Jobs has argued, “Eventually the house would be beyond repair and rehabilitation and would lose its value as an historic resource.”

Further, according to the above linked Wikipedia page dedicated to the property, there have been at least three offers from private individuals who are willing accept the Jackling House and move it to another local site.

So, Jobs has been seeking to demolish the house and build a home of his own on the property since 2004. In 2006 a court blocked him from doing so and now he’s being forced to pay the do gooder’s legal fees.

It would seem pretty clear that Jobs isn’t interested in letting Jackling House go under any circumstances. It would seem that he wants the house wiped from the face of the earth, destroyed.

And, that says quite a bit Apple’s beloved dear leader—he won’t even let the do gooder, preservationist bastards cart the eyesore away. They can’t make him preserve Jackling House nor can they force him to sell it—Jobs would rather let it rot in place than let them have it.

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