Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Having 'Something' to Say:

The articulate 35-year-old, who has done 13 previous monologues, maintains that his aesthetic is more in sync with rap performers, street artists, and standup comics than with traditional theatre practices. He identifies most notably with comic Lewis Black, "who has the remarkable ability to communicate the intricate shadings of rage," says Daisey. "In all these non-fine art forms, there's athleticism and an emotional palette. But within the theatrical realm — the heart of American theatre — there's a restrained quality that I find difficult to deal with. The worst thing we can be charged with over the last couple of generations is hammy acting, to be too large. People rarely talk about the sin of being too small. There is a tendency to make small choices. I am a large person, and I believe there is a great value in large ideas and large emotions communicated on the stage. I believe there is value in tackling 60 years of American security in one monologue."

5:13 PM