Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Exceptional news: John Brennan won't be CIA Director or DNI - Glenn Greenwald -

I think Obama is entitled to a lot of leeway on appointments and is entitled not to be condemned -- or praised -- other than for things he actually does.  And while I have found some of his appointments questionable, Brennan was the only prospective appointment that, speaking only for myself, was completely unacceptable.  Advocacy of Bush's interrogation and rendition programs should exclude anyone from consideration for any important position, let alone CIA Director or Director of National Intelligence.

Reports had repeatedly indicated that Brennan -- who served all year as Obama's top adviser for intelligence matters -- was the leading candidate for either of those positions, especially CIA Director.  It's unclear if it was Obama or Brennan who was the catalyst for this decision, but either way, it's to be celebrated.  And as Big Tent Democrat wrote today:  "In case people were wondering, THIS is why you do not wait to express your 'concern' about issues and personnel."

This is an important victory.  It's absolutely vital that these bright lines be re-established.  Brennan's being denied a top intelligence positions due to his past advocacy of these abuses is a big step towards achieving that, particularly since it was due to pressure from those who insist that these political values not be de-prioritized or ignored.

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