Thursday, October 23, 2008

Theater Review - 'Blasted' - Humanity Gets Only a Bit Part in Sarah Kane’s Play -

Now “Blasted,” whose author died a suicide in 1999, has finally arrived in New York in a first-rate production that opened Thursday night at the Soho Rep on Walker Street, filling a significant gap in the history of contemporary theater here. And this is not — repeat not — one of those occasions on which you look back wonderingly at the naïveté of an earlier decade and think, “What on earth was all the fuss about?”

As impeccably staged by Sarah Benson and acted by a three-member ensemble with the bravery of hang gliders in a storm, Ms. Kane’s fierce study in the human instinct for inhumanity still registers off the Richter scale. “Enjoy it,” I overheard a man, who was obviously familiar with the play, saying to an arriving audience member. He then stopped to correct himself. “Well, maybe not enjoy. ...”

3:01 PM