Saturday, October 04, 2008

FIVE THINGS TO LEARN ABOUT ... Mike Daisey | Chicago Tribune :

Because Spalding Gray is no longer alive, Daisey, 35, is probably America’s most prominent theatrical monologuist. Like Gray, he sits behind a desk and riffs on matters micro and macro, personal and political. But the two are very different in style and preoccupation. Gray deliberately created a claustrophobic universe and was predominantly interested in the boundaries and manifestations of neurosis. Daisey has expounded on subjects as broad and varied as the Department of Homeland Security (the subject of his show next weekend at Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art), the fabulist/novelist James Frey, scientist Nikola Tesla, public transportation, Monopoly and the Cold War. “Spalding worked extemporaneously but would lock his shows over time,” Daisey says. “I always perform extemporaneously.”

1:48 AM