Tuesday, October 14, 2008

R. Winsome: Review- Mike Daisey's If You See Something Say Something:

As I walked into Mike Daisey's show at the MCA I told Kate that as much as I've been looking forward to seeing him perform, i was a little concerned about what the show would actually be. I've heard Mike described as a "populist voice" which, i've grown to translate into "anti-intellectual whiner". After spending an hour and a half sitting 20 feet in front of him at eye level while he ranted and raved, taught me a thing or two about Herman Kahn and all but accused the audience of selling our democracy out, I can assure you he was mis-described. This guy's incredibly well structured, thoroughly researched and informative monolouge places far to high a value on individual freedom, honesty, and radical autonomy to be populist. Christ, he's sometimes downright misanthropic, complete with childhood dreams of nuclear anihilation. Populists are all about telling people what they want to hear and making promises no one could keep. Mike Daisey tells the audience that our founding fathers were terrorists, that our "security" is absurd, and that "if you think either candidate in this election will change everything, you're a fool."

9:50 PM