Friday, October 10, 2008

Mike Daisey: If You See Something Say Something @ Museum of Contemporary Art - Flavorpill Chicago:

Mike Daisey takes the stage looking like your schlubby, good-natured cousin and armed only with a glass of water and a scribbled outline — then he explodes into storyteller mode. His fervent, searingly funny unscripted monologues interweave personal anecdotes with obsessive investigations into our nation's secret histories. Our government's long-running fixation with homeland security is the performer's newest subject, and he goes as far back as the first atomic-bomb test 60 years ago. It's a journey through the dark heart of America, as Daisey puts it, but wry, pitch-perfect comedy is our means of transport — with some uneasy truths stowed in the hold.

11:26 AM