Thursday, October 02, 2008

Live Blogging by Rick Klein: Working the Refs:

Just as clearly, this is silly and -- even in the age of anything-goes spin -- just not right. First, nobody knows what Ifill is going to write; Ifill herself says she hasn’t written the section on Obama yet, and the book will be about a whole generation of black leaders, not just Obama.

Second, no one seriously questions the journalistic credentials of the PBS veteran, who also did stints at NBC News and The New York Times.

Third, Ifill’s authorship of this book should have surprised precisely no one in political circles. Six weeks ago, the book merited a mention in Time magazine. Last month, The Washington Post wrote about it.

For this to suddenly become an “issue” right before the debate is a disservice to a talented journalist. It fits with the McCain campaign’s efforts to rail against the media -- but does Team McCain really think it will win an election because people think it win anger the MSM?

7:15 PM