Wednesday, October 08, 2008

iragamerman: "I got more records than the KGB (so, no funny business).":

I went to this round-table discussion last night with Mike Daisey and a bunch of Chicago theatre illuminati about "How Theatre Failed America".

It wound up being a discussion about the difference between the Admin staff of a theatre vs. the artistic staff of a theatre.

It was a really interesting discussion because frankly, as a theatre artist, I've never really HEARD from Admin staff.

People like Martha Lavey from Steppenwolf talked. A bunch of folks from Writers Theatre.

And it was mostly all about money.

I had wanted a bit more than that. More about how regional theatres aren't appealing to young people. Etc.

But it was mostly about money. Which was still cool.

Because I found that A LOT of these theatres are operating on 1 million dollar a year budgets.

Which is about what my office makes.

And is actually jack shit when you factor in salaries, rent, etc.

Meaning NO ONE is getting much money.

Especially the artists.

So the purpose of this symposium was to sort of question the idea if that was ok.

And it got me thinking about MY OWN work and the realization that I don't have much expectation to get paid for my work.

Which is fucked up of me.

It got me thinking about a lot of things regarding theatre.

I can't really talk about them now because I have to go back to work.

But still.

Pretty cool.

4:13 PM