Thursday, October 16, 2008

Full-length 'The Moon Is a Dead World' is a new phase for solo performer Mike Daisey:

Although Daisey has been successful enough to be hosted at larger venues, he has maintained ties to the Seattle fringe scene where he began."There was interest from a number of other theaters," he said, "but the interest from Annex was so strong and positive it was an easy thing to decide to let them produce the show."

It's also different in that Daisey does not perform in the production himself. Taking charge of his own work, though, has kept his material from languishing.

"For most playwrights, the belief is that you write it, send it off and watch other people ruin it," he said. "I'm a pragmatic theater artist; all of it is actualized."

(Minor rant: why is it when I write a play, my work is now "full-length"? The monologues are pretty damn full on their own, and in fact the last few monologues are all longer than MOON is.

I'll tell you why: because there is an ingrained belief that plays are a mature art form, and solo performers are fucking around, playing with themselves until they get around to MATURING as an artist and write a goddamned play. It's infuriating.)

11:17 PM