Monday, September 08, 2008

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In the form of a monologue, Monopoly! is a raucous rant meets slapstick meets non-fiction piece about power (literal and figurative). Daisey blends stories about the honorous relations ‘tween Nikola Tesla and Edison, the conceptual patent and foundations (worth $500 evidentally) of a famous board game, fear and loathing at Microsoft, and the inversion of society via Walmart in his smalltown boy Maine. For nearly two hours this hulk of a man fearlessly speaks to us in charming tones and expletives a plenty, without warning or provocation. His voice is passionately broken at times, believable as if having an open discussion about random shit on a caffeine buzz. He sweats all the way through but doesn’t stop but to take perhaps only two sips of water. And as he sits at a simple table, looking out to the crowd, he completes each vignette with a dramatic turn of a page. What he shares is astute and terribly funny, not Chris Farley funny as I heard remarked in the crowd, but something more about the human condition and how we are trapped in a world of those who unleash their ideas upon the passive majority. A bell went off loud and clear.

7:39 PM