Monday, September 08, 2008

trillobite: French and Thai Movements:

The show was set up as an interview between the famous choreographer, Jerome Bel, and a Thai Khon dancer Pichet Kluchun. As the interview went on it became more and more intimate and exploratory of what performance lends to society. At the start it was a simple instruction of what Khon was and then it brought up all the little meanings and how over time it is lost because so much of Thai culture has been altered for the tourists. The dancing is slow and boring to those who do no understand what all the symbolic movement are. Performances that went for days now go for under an hour or however long the foreigners patience lasts. Pichet stated that he does not perform for tourists because of this change and instead teaches. Bel's choreography was more intended to bring in the audience.

12:04 PM