Sunday, September 07, 2008

Tim Crouch Workshop: No Audience, No Echo - PICA:

The bulk of this workshop was essentially Crouch explaining a few of his works, including An Oak Tree (in which one of the play's two actors has never read or seen the play before the night of the performance) and My Arm (a show about a boy who put his arm above his head and kept it there). In his playful explanation of these shows, Crouch outlined a belief in theater that lets the audience imagine the story rather than displaying it--or, as my girlfriend put it, theater that "is more a book than a film."

To Crouch, the magic in theater is when you can remove the actor from acting in order to liberate the audience. What a wonderful way to sum up that charmed segment of the theatrical world that breaks the fourth wall, that acknowledges, "hey, I am me, you are in the audience, and we are creating something here together."

5:47 AM