Wednesday, September 10, 2008

TBA 'O8: Occurrence hosted by Reggie Watts - Performance -

Mike Daisey, who's performing at other shows during the festival, gave a blistering monologue, part comedy, part rant, part New York Times op-ed, that laid bare a culture of intermediation. See something, blog about it, rinse, repeat. The act of blogging becomes more important than the act that supposedly inspired it, and thus replaces it, supplanting the thing itself with the mediated experience of the thing... I think. He's intense, sharply intelligent, and as disquieting as he is funny. There was an extemporaneous quality to his delivery that gave him added urgency (as if his own fierceness weren't enough). And yeah, I get the irony of blogging a review of him, and I rather like it.

7:57 PM