Tuesday, September 09, 2008

TBA gets off to a winning start:

What the crowd got from the New York-based Daisey, who is like the funny, brainy love child of Garrison Keillor and Chris Farley, was a sobering critique of corporate America and its ability to shape lives.

But what they enjoyed along the way were sidesplitting stories from Daisey's early life in small-town Maine, his struggles as an artist and his starring role opposite Bill Gates in a Microsoft industrial film.

Daisey showed himself to be an impressive scholar as well, threading into the mix a scintillating bio of inventor Nikola Tesla, the turn of the century visionary who ran afoul of Thomas Edison and forever struggled to harness his genius.

It was truly a powerhouse display, one that drew a standing ovation in the Brewery Blocks and no doubt whetted appetites for Daisey's next run, which begins Thursday with the first of four performances of his newest monologue, “If You See Something, Say Something,” about America's security apparatus.

3:40 PM