Monday, September 22, 2008

Star Simpson, one year after Boston airport terror-scare: unedited BBtv interview transcript - Boing Boing:

XENI: What were you accused of, and what was it decided that you'd done? Were you convicted of a crime?

STAR: I was not. The other part of the deal was that MA dropped the "hoax device" charge, finally, after a year.

XENI: Can you explain what that was?

STAR: A "hoax device" is defined as an "infernal machine," any device intended to cause anxiety or fear. I think I read a case where the last person charged with this actually had explosives and was using them to clear land on his own private property and didn't have anything to ignite the explosives. But I didn't have anything like that. Another key part of the charge is that you have to intend to cause fear, anxiety, and I did not have that intention. So after the many months, MA finally dropped the "hoax device" charge. They claimed I'd been a disorderly person instead, because you don't have to intend to be a disorderly person. You can charge anyone with that. And if I don't complete the community service, I would be charged with that. It's a totally fascinating thing. If you watch the press report on that day, Major Scott Pare says it's lucky I cooperated with the police because otherwise I would have ended up in the morgue instead of a cell.

XENI: Star, how do you feel when you hear that quote?

STAR: Terrified. Completely terrified. I was almost killed on that day. The police could kill me, and I would never have been able to ask what was going on. It's hard to believe they mean me.

1:59 PM