Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Playbill News: Daisey's The Moon Is a Dead World to Premiere in Seattle:

Seattle's Annex Theatre will stage the world premiere of monologist Mike Daisey's first play, The Moon Is a Dead World, which begins performances Oct. 17.

Under the direction of Christopher Comte, the production will kick off the theatre company's 22nd season. Performances will continue through Nov. 15.

The cast includes Zach Robinson, Jack Hamblin, Pamala Mijatov and Clayton Weller.

Press notes for The Moon read: "Mike Daisey weaves a vision of the brutal history of the Soviet space program with an unbelievable premise: a dead cosmonaut is called back down to Earth on a radio wave when Americans in a remote Arctic base hear the beating of his dying heart. A dark and hilarious fairy tale set against the Cold War, it asks what we risk in the struggle between will and humanity, and what it means to love beyond death itself."

The Moon Is a Dead World marks the playwriting debut for Daisey, who is known for his pointed monologues, which include How Theater Failed America and Invincible Summer.

8:14 PM