Saturday, September 13, 2008

Mike Daisey / If You See Something Say Something - PICA:

If Daisey is known for being loud, it is his quiet voice in between the gregarious moments that serve to accentuate his ravings. He portrays himself as an everyday slob in the monologues which serves the purpose of connecting himself to the audience. As he says in this piece, he hasn't read the patriot act. Bits of his act sound familiar. Often there are sentiments and jokes that have been rolling around the culture in defiance of a new security order for the past seven years. His real achievement is bringing these ideas together with the histories of our security apparatus and creating a new frame of reference. He doesn't do this to create an ideological statement or even to necessarily call the audience to action. Instead, he uses the new frame of reference to elicit our humanity. It is a gift to make people laugh for a couple of hours, but it is an art to revitalize them at the same time.

9:43 AM