Sunday, September 28, 2008

I finally got to read "How Theatre Saved America, Part 2" in this month's American Theatre Magazine, which features Sheila and Itamar on the cover—Sheila looks a little like she's in a very intense Pinter play, and Itamar looks like he just got expelled from the seminary.

I kid. They both look great.

Anyway, if I seem light it's because I have little to discuss. You'll all recall the sturm und drang of my response to Part I've been wondering what Part 2 would have in store.

The answer: not much. It's about nothing that even remotely has to do with the topics of my show anymore—one suspects that once Ms. Eyring was bitten for her illogic and poor judgment by both me and a number of other folks, she simply shifted gears.

We'll never know. What I do know is that the second part bears no resemblance or connection to the first, and is substantially about how art allows us to humanize one another, and can allow people from different cultures to communicate. It also posits that touching a few people deeply is more significant than many lightly, though it doesn't do anything with this idea beyond stating it.

I agree with it, but it's pablum. I won't argue with it, because it is a waste of time and energy, and because I agree with much of it—that's the point of pablum, to find the things absolutely everyone agrees about and repeat them. Peace is good. War is bad. Art is warm. Socks are nice.

The article ends with this:

"A few small international gestures that make a big impact lead to more such gestures and more such impact. And it builds exponentially over time, all contributing to how theatre has saved and can save America."

The only thing missing is a PS that reads:

"Also unicorns are awesome, and rainbows, and these are also contributing to saving America."

2:31 AM