Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Interesting to think about in light of our constant discussions of the cost of theater tickets...and the level of public financing is impossibly high, which should be used to clarify discussions in the theatrical blogosphere about the horrors of government funding--obviously America does like to spend its tax dollars on public events. I think this is exactly the kind of thing theater is blind to, in terms of seeing itself in the context of our society.

Tickets for New Stadiums - Prices, and Outrage, Escalate - NYTimes.com:

The Giants have said they will charge from $1,000 to $20,000 a seat for their personal seat licenses; once fans buy the seat licenses, they will still have to pay from $85 to $700 a ticket. The Jets are expected to unveil their ticket plan Tuesday.

Tickets for the best seats at the 85-year-old Yankee Stadium, which sold for $1,000 a seat this season, will jump at the new ballpark to $2,500; in other areas of the stadium, they will range from $135 to $500 for season tickets. Prices for single-game tickets, which ranged from $14 to $400 this season, will be released later.

The best seats at Citi Field, which cost $276 at Shea Stadium this season, will soar to $495, with other season tickets ranging from $125 to $225 a game. Single-game tickets this season ranged from $5 to $117. (Citi Field’s capacity of about 42,500 compares with 57,333 at Shea.) Neither team has made known all of its prices. Both teams also say broad swaths of more modestly priced tickets will be available.

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