Saturday, July 12, 2008

Tynan's Anger: Will any Hulk be good enough for A.O. Scott?:

I don't know what psychological division is more extreme than mild mannered, likeable scientist and giant green angry monstrosity (rather Freudian when you think about it). Never mind that, for most fans of actual comic books, the Incredible Hulk is consistently listed as one of the most intellectually fascinating franchises. He's seen as one of the more psychologically complex comic book characters, where, despite Bruce Banner's relatively sweet, genuine nature, he's forced to live in isolation for what he can become if he gets angry. He's seen as comic book's best criticism of the Cold War spirit, that by combining nuclear science, militaristic values and capitalism with humanity, we've forced ourselves to become an increasingly isolated society with the potential to become fatally dangerous against our will.

10:25 AM