Monday, July 14, 2008

Theater: Only a few make living from stage alone - The Denver Post:

Wendy Ishii made $1,000 a day acting on a soap opera.

She now makes $500 a month teaching theater at a state university, and $14,000 a year running Fort Collins' Bas Bleu, one of the region's most respected theater companies.

"That tells you how much we value teachers and artists in this country," said Ishii, who can keep managing her 16-year-old theater for one reason: "Because I am married to a neuroscientist who believes theater is just as important as curing Alzheimer's.

"But if I were a single mom, no way."

They used to say most actors in Colorado perform for gas money. But with the cost of fuel these days, not even that's true anymore.

6:09 PM