Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Scrappy Jack's World-Wide Theatricals and Dime Museum: retro-polis:

Looks like the Bad Times are back.

Gov. Paterson is talking about massive deficits ahead for New York and Mayor Mike is just saying, "Yup.".

Cut service, cut spending, cut city jobs and then those who can will just cut out to the Hamptons, leaving the rest of us to scratch and claw and dance our way through it.

It's the early seventies all over again, without the music, which was the only good thing about the early seventies.

Nationally, we're looking at a criminal and seemingly deranged or at least divorced from reality President, we're stuck in a war we can't win militarily and gas prices are sky-rocketing.

Globally, everyone's mad at us but still wants to buy our jeans and watch our movies.

Taking a universal view, it's all still just a bunch of carbon and hydrogen and stardust.

And here in Rat City, we're all going broke.

3:19 PM