Monday, July 21, 2008


—I regret letting my rhetoric get heated; I understand why it happened, as I feel very passionately about the plight of my friend whom I wrote about, and of many other friends and colleagues who have given so much for so little over the years, and I have a lot invested in the reformation of how the American theater treats those who work inside of it.

—I regret not learning from history; I haven't been in a flame war for a number of years, and you'd think that one would remember how to keep that from happening. A third party even tried to intercede, but I ignored them—I suspect larger issues this week, like the death in the family, contributed to my blindness.

—I regret trying so hard to communicate with someone whose blog is clearly labeled as "the unrepentant rantings of an unapologetic asshole". It's truth in advertising, and I should have understood that.

—I regret that after his last posting I have to draw the line on further communication on this matter; it was certainly in bad taste for me to suggest anyone do colorful self-harm to themselves, but now the unapologetic asshole is intimating that he may be disrupting my performances in the fall. I suspect that he is just blowing hot air and fronting, but enough is enough.

3:25 PM