Sunday, July 13, 2008

I was touched and honored to be mentioned in the opening remarks of the second Indie Theater Convocation at the Barrow Street yesterday.

the nytheatre i: Indie Theater Convocation: Rochelle Denton's Welcoming Remarks:

Welcome to the 2nd Indie Theater Convocation. It is absolutely great to see so many faces out there. And each of you is sharing your seat with at least 3 other indie artists – Melle Powers is in rehearsal but wants notes, so Julie sharpen that pencil and write faster; Pam Butler is out of town but wants lots of pictures, Ryan start clickin’; Emily Otto has a gig in Boston; Leonard Jacobs is teaching at the O’Neill; Mike Daisey is performing in DC; Michael Criscuolo, Ian Hill, and a slew of others are rehearsing. And on and on. Each one is here in spirit and the response has been overwhelming. Thank you, thank you all!

8:27 PM