Monday, July 07, 2008

Noorderzon 2008 ~ 21 t/m 31 aug.:
Mike Daisey
The Envoy's Dilemma

World Première
75 min.

World Première of the new monologue

This summer Mike Daisey travelled to Tadzhikistan – one of the least-known places in the world - as a guest and as a highly unusual cultural attaché at the American Embassy in that country. The story of this stranger in a strange country is told against the background of the history of geography - i.e. the system of maps and graphs used to represent the way our world is divided and charted. With in the back of his mind the notion that this very geographical division has partly determined the course of history itself...By combining true stories with invented stories in the real and an imaginary Tadzhikistan, Daisey tries to discover the ways in which stories tend to fade in time when faced with the truth. Everyone who hung on to Mike Daisey's every word for two hours last year, can indulge themselves again this year. The master storeyteller is back at Noorderzon!

4:54 PM