Sunday, July 13, 2008

Link by Link - Poof! You’re Unpublished. -

But in this case, what looks like a personal spat has turned into a cautionary tale, one that reflects the odd and influential community that has grown around Boing Boing. The site, which began as a fanzine in the early 1990s, calls itself “a directory of wonderful things,” and its readers can appear particularly intense. Theirs is the intensity that comes from discovering that, indeed, there are other people who like to create detailed drawings on an Etch-a-Sketch or collect 100-year-old fantasies of what the future might look like or rage at the encroachment of technology companies and the government on personal privacy.

Last week, these readers’ comments were pointed and unforgiving. Among the first to use the H-word was gabrielm, who noted the site’s commitment to a free-flowing Internet. “I have much respect for all of the BB editors, but this really does seem hypocritical,” gabrielm wrote. “How is this any different than a sitewide filter to remove any reference to a particular phrase?”

1:51 AM