Friday, July 18, 2008

New York Media Scene Disappoints Young Girl:

And so it turns out that she was at what some of us would call a bad birthday party. (It was probably a good party for some others!) And she was a little drunk, and a few years younger than everyone else. It happens. It's a terrible feeling. (It's not as bad as the feeling of being a few years older, but if she comes back after her semester abroad, and puts in 15 years in New York, she'll maybe find out someday!)

This "tiny concentration of hyper-intellectuals has become a juggernaut that subtly controls everything that happens in the industry" is what Roy says she came to believe.

But most of these people to whom Roy refers can barely put on underwear before noon. Like, Gessen maybe controls what goes in his quarterly journal and what goes in his mouth, and that's about it. OH and what goes on his TUMBLR, let's not forget! As for any of the rest of them, they barely control what goes on their own blogs.

3:04 AM