Monday, June 09, 2008

Stage and Cinema-How Theater Failed America - Off Broadway theater review:

And how wonderful that, at such a moment, a kindred spirit comes along, someone who reminds us that we are not alone, that we are not the only ones who take seriously the things we cherish, that we are not the only angry ones, and that we can actually have a few laughs – maybe a lot more than a few – about the whole damned process. Enter Mike Daisey, a monologist who has been amassing audiences over the years but who has been eluding me personally, until, thanks to the discovery of his newest piece, How Theater Failed America, the gentleman, in all his majestic sense of wonderment, and sitting at a plain black desk in a puddle of perspiration, has totally captured my heart, revived my aging spirit, and made me feel, despite the weariness in my bones, young again. And I can’t remember laughing so hard at any other event which took place within the four walls of a theater this season. If you see only one show for the rest of the summer, I would suggest that How Theater Failed America is that one show.

11:32 AM