Wednesday, June 11, 2008

So far, so good. The part of Denver we're in is mostly megaliths--gigantic buildings that look torn from another world. On the way to the gargantuan convention center we pass one shuttered local business after another--the money the center (and the adjoining mega arts complex) brings isn't intended for these folks, but for the nouveau ridge chains that strive to not be identifiable as chains but they obviously are.

Last night's event was good--the TCG folks are hospitable hosts, and many of the people I spoke with are excited for the show this evening. The challenge will be to affect them--to reach behind their armor and their administrative regard and shake them.  That is what will be challenging.

We have tech in a few hours, and the performance is this evening. In between are all the kibbitzing, gladhanding, and genuine connecting that goes with any conference. I hope to be up for today.

11:25 AM