Monday, June 16, 2008

Geoff and Dan Hoyle make a life onstage:

You might not pick them out of a crowd, even a small one, and peg them as father and son. Geoff Hoyle, 62, has a native Englishman's fair complexion and thinning rust-colored hair and wears an expression poised between quizzical perplexity and antic madness on his almond-shaped face. Dan Hoyle, 28, with a shock of dark hair and teeth gleaming brightly in his firm-jawed wide smile, projects the open-faced confidence and self-effacing modesty of a happy San Francisco hometowner on the rise.

Both Hoyles have made their life on the stage, Geoff as a multifaceted actor, solo performer and Pickle Family Circus clown and Dan as creator of bravura solo shows that include "Tings Dey Happen," about Nigerian oil politics. But even there the similarities aren't so apparent.

12:26 AM