Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Arts | Intiman's Bartlett Sher takes home his first Tony | Seattle Times Newspaper:

Sher's win catapults him to the top of the A-list of Broadway directors. Though he moved recently from Seattle to New York, and has various Big Apple projects in the works (including a new musical about martial-arts superstar Bruce Lee), Sher is contracted through 2009 to head Intiman, where he just staged the new play "Namaste Man."

Asked if his win helps his hometown company he said, "Of course it does — it helps us attract better artists, better producers and other things down the road." He also mentioned that Intiman will develop "a big Disney musical next year," with the title to be revealed later.

Thank God Intiman is doing their part to help develop the next Disney musical--I was concerned that Disney might not have the energy and resources to make that happen. It's good that we have regional non-profit theaters, working for the public good, to ensure that megacorporations like Disney can have their voices heard. That is exactly where I like to see our arts funding going.

2:52 AM