Friday, May 09, 2008

Reality Sandwich | The Awakening of Teotiwakan: A Paradigm Shift to the Living Cosmos:

On March 21st 1968, when Regina turned twenty years old, she and the four Secret Guardians of the Tradition, went into the cave at the base of the pyramid and performed a ritual ceremony to awaken its heart, its energetic center. According to the Tradition, this center serves as a synchronous resonant chamber that amplifies earthly and cosmic energies. After the ceremony Regina explained to the Guardians of the Tradition that there remained four energetic seals on the pyramid.[U3]

These seals had been put in place by the Toltek and had the effect of inactivating the pyramid's geo-energetic resonant function. Regina and the Guardians knew that the spiritual energies of the Earth were once again moving polarities, from the Himalayas to the American Cordillera. It was the Tibetan Lamas who needed to perform the rituals necessary to break the first three energetic seals and only then she and the Secret Guardians could break the fourth seal, which sat at the top of the pyramid.

Mexican agents murdered Regina on the night of October 2nd 1968. She was shot from a helicopter during the infamous student massacre that took place in Tlatelolko. Regina died on top of the small pyramid at Tlatelolko surrounded by the four Secret Guardians of the Tradition and the Witness, Velasco Piña. The Guardians buried her body in a well-hidden cave in the Istaksiwatl.

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