Monday, May 05, 2008

Pawn Shop:

Epstein: Basically, they're all parables. Endgame is a parable based on the simplest everyday lives that people lead. And since we are people, we lead these lives. And minute by minute, line by line, and some more than others, every single thing in the play is translucent. And you do understand it. You do recognize it. You do recognize what it means. And you do recognize yourself in it. Because it's presented as a parable, not as a piece of realistic theatre; it has a coating of mystery over it. But then, underneath this coating of mystery — the fact that it's not a realistic, kitchen-sink drama — is, actually, a kitchen sink. And it's usually pretty funny. I think the lines you have in the play, Elaine, where you say, "Nothing is as funny as unhappiness" — that's what the play is proving. It's funny to watch these people be unhappy, because they're unhappy in ways that we all recognize.

12:48 PM