Thursday, May 01, 2008

Living Stories:

Mike Daisey and his wife/collaborator Jean-Michele Gregory are sitting in front of me--a Panasonic tape recorder from the late 1980s and the remnants of various coffee drinks and pastries between us. We are sitting in The Fall Café, a small coffee house in Carroll Gardens in Brooklyn. The crazy old man who sits in a corner and rants about the evils of George W. Bush (and, rumor has it, co-owns the place) is thankfully missing. A Best of Queen CD is playing in the background, however, so we all lean in close over the table, making sure the conversation is preserved for posterity.

I have asked Mike and Jean-Michele to join me to glean how they work together as creator/performer and director. Of their latest show, How Theatre Failed America, much has been written (including by me), but little of it focuses on the great amount of thought and craft that informs their practice as an artistic team.

1:50 PM