Monday, May 12, 2008

The Fortress of Jason Grote: I'm back!:

I wonder if that's why I and others get so down on theater so often - it's impossible to reproduce that triumphant endorphin rush when one isn't at an opening night, so the whole thing feels ephemeral and a little depressing. I'm sure other artists feel this too, but instead of being left with a film, book, album, or whatever when it's all over, all I'll have left is the script and some reviews.


Lucky Grote--I don't even have the script.  ;)

Seriously, there's something to this--it's extremely ephemeral, but so is life itself. It's the most difficult and honest part of the theater--that it is written on the air as it is spoken and immediately dies in that moment. I do believe that in an age dominated by commodification it is also the trait that may prove to be theater's salvation.

2:44 AM