Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Just because I waste more time than I can ever willingly admit at Gawker, I have to mention that they posted about me today—they actually said some quite nice things, which probably puts me out of the running to be the next Julia Allison, which has been my secret, unspoken desire for a number of years. Well, year. Well, a month.

The comments are their insufferable best, which prove again that Gawker commenters descend into the hellish darkness at superluminal speeds—somehow they already have someone who has worked with me bitching about how impossible I am, someone who "knew me before I was semi-famous", and so forth. Oh, Gawker...you never change!

My other favorite mean comment of the last day is courtesy of the Stranger's SLOG:

I think JM has given me a note about the six epiphanies a night issue.

3:14 AM