Sunday, March 09, 2008

THEATER REVIEW: 'Barring the Unforeseen' funny, touching, haunting | Portland Press Herald:

Maine native Daisey has made a name for himself on the major-league circuit with monologues full of humor and insight. This new work, in its premiere run, is directed by Jean-Michele Gregory and features the burly Daisey seated at a table with nothing but a few sheets of paper, a handkerchief for wiping his brow, a glass of water and a microphone before him. The latter was used during segments when the theater lights were turned completely off and Daisey's disembodied voice filled the room.

Daisey can be very funny, especially when he gets on little obsessive riffs about such topics as the transition from boyhood to manhood or being sent to play outside during a northern-Maine winter. But the performer is after more than comedic bliss in this piece. He wants to spook us a little and point to how the ghosts of madness can shape our psyche.

3:03 AM