Thursday, March 06, 2008

The New York Times > WD-50 Restaurant Review > New York City Restaurant Reviews:

WYLIE DUFRESNE loves eggs. He particularly loves eggs Benedict and wanted to put the dish on the dinner menu at WD-50, but of course it had to be a different kind of eggs Benedict, a Wylie Dufresne kind of eggs Benedict: novel in look, concentrated in taste.

He started with the eggs themselves. Why not jettison the vapid whites? And why not find a way to pack a lot of yolk into a form that would hold together without getting chalky, the way a yolk at the center of a hard-boiled egg can get?

To that end he blended yolks, poured the liquid into long plastic sleeves, poached it slowly and cut the results into rounded columns. Mission accomplished.

8:48 AM