Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Apiary: Gallagher @ The Blender Theater - 3.14.8:

--His jokes, which have an old coot-like anticharm to them, consist mainly of handicap harrassing, racebaiting, queerbashing pomp. He proudly talks about how GLAAD has been on his case and that he's not allowed on TV because he speaks too much truth. When he's not telling jokes or smashing stuff, he spits root beer on the crowd, ruins people's clothing without warning, interrupts during his openers' sets, and degrades the gimps who come on stage. One hammer smashing volunteer who was covered with all sorts of shit (mostly mayo), incisively inquired, "How am I going to get a cab home like this?" You think Gallagher cares?

6:19 AM