Monday, March 17, 2008

Sex and the City Movie to Change Women's Lives Through Brand Exposure:

Want one of those super cute, bamillion dollar handbags the girls are always swinging around? If you visit Bag Borrow or Steal's (do you get it?) website, you can buy shit that's like the shit worn/carried by the women in the movie. Ahh. This particularly odious phenomenon (with more brand support from Mercedes, Vitaminwater, and "official spirits sponsor" Skyy vodka) continues to rumble on. An entire ridiculous lifestyle sold on the basis of imaginary people living in an imaginary city. When Mindy and her girlfriends are sitting at the Houlihan's in the Exton Square mall, sipping pink Skyy Charlotte-tinis, and petting their rented handbags, I wonder if they'll feel lied to, or if they'll just feel fabulous.

11:27 AM