Monday, February 04, 2008


Mike Daisey and Special Guests Tell Stories Of Family And Its Discontents

A Benefit for Seattle's Solo Performance Festival


Mike Daisey
Troy Mink
Allen Johnson
Mark Siano
Suzanne Morrison
Mark Boeker

And special guest MARY DAISEY, who will tell her side of the story for the first time on stage, correcting the MANY ERRORS her brother has CONSPIRED TO SPREAD about their family.

Theater Off Jackson
409 7th Avenue S.
Tuesday, February 5th
Doors open at 7, show begins at 7:30

Mike Daisey hosts and headlines a benefit for Seattle's Solo Performance festival. Entitled A FAMILY AFFAIR, Mike will tell stories of families and their wonderful, terrifying and infuriating power, joined by some of his favorite solo performers in the Seattle community: the legendary Troy Mink (THE HAINT), powerhouse Allen Johnson (ANOTHER YOU), the mercurial Suzanne Morrison (YOGA BITCH), the effervescent Mark Siano (HIGH CRIMES AND MISDEMEANORS) and the delightful Mark Boeker (HELL SONGS FROM THE FLOATING WORLD). At the conclusion of the performance Mike Daisey's sister Mary Daisey will perform a rebuttal to Mike's story, revealing for the first time the true story that lives right under the surface--the one only your family knows.


1:11 PM