Monday, February 25, 2008


Congrats to Diablo Cody on her Oscar win—I haven't seen Juno, but I was a very early reader of her blog (not this one--way long ago. Pre-City Pages, for those who know what that means) and it had been so long that when she won I was startled, because I couldn't connect her name to the blog I used to read. When I did I had an intense vertiginous moment.

Looking in my email archive I see correspondence back when she was first looking for literary agents for her book--I gave her good advice, but judging from her meteoric rise she knows exactly what she's doing.

It's really great to see people do well, especially people as interesting as she is. Looking through recent years it seems like her blogging has faded off as her other work became more consuming, which is understandable...that's when I left off reading her. It's so cool being reintroduced to her in such a novel way.


1:57 AM