Saturday, January 12, 2008

Two more tips from the Under The Radar festival:

Go immediately today and see small metal objects, a fantastic piece of environmental theatre set at the Whitehall ferry terminal at the southern tip of Manhattan. It's quite wonderful, and seeing a small human story play out in the midst of a huge crowd, as you watch from the seats with headphones on is pretty magical. It's only for a few more days--and it is FREE. Get all the details here.

My other must see isn't as imperative, but only because these fellows will be around NYC for quite some time: Nature Theater of Oklahoma, who have been lauded high and low as the Next Big Hot Thing. Allow me to join the applauders, as their Poetics: A Ballet Brut is a wonderful exploration that creates a vocabulary of dance that is heartfelt, passionately executed, silly and fiercely intelligent. It's the big hit of the festival, and if tickets are available you'd find them here.


On our end--we've teched the show. Now I sit down to create the outline, which will take the rest of the day into the evening.

2:11 PM